Your IT Strategy should be solely about your business. It shouldn’t be about new gadgets, the latest technology fad, or manufacturer-led industry initiatives.

Shaped and informed by your wider business strategy, it should have the best interests of your organisation at heart.

More practically, its function is to set the direction and guidelines for the overall IT function. Think of it in part as a translation service between your business needs and technobabble.


Defining an IT Strategy is an iterative process. It should be regularly reviewed to make sure that the capabilities of the IT function are always in line with the organisation’s requirements. It’s a continual process of improvement.

Our approach typically involves a gap analysis of the business strategy, an assessment of the capability of the current IT environment – and a road map to align the two.


We talk to key people within the organisation to understand their drivers, the objectives they’ve been set and their expectations from the IT function.

It’s a collaborative exercise, not one that dictates.

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