Companies today recognise the importance of protecting their valuable information assets from threats; be they internal or external, malicious or accidental.

The risk to a business of the loss of performance data, intellectual property, partner, contract, customer, financial or sales data can be significant. This is never more evident than confidential or commercially sensitive information made public affecting the share price of a company, or falling into the hands of a competitor.

Preventative measures must be taken to not only protect computer systems from misuse, but also address the needs of physical security as well as counter new threats such as social engineering and identity theft.

Information security is not simply an IT issue, it is everyone’s responsibility.

Our extensive knowledge and practical experience gained over many years within the corporate environment enables us to help you to establish policy, procedure or technology controls to:-

  • Protect information against unauthorised access
  • Secure confidential or commercially sensitive information
  • Maintain the integrity and availability of information
  • Perform security monitoring and periodic testing
  • Comply with regulatory and legislative requirements
  • Raise the awareness of information security

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