It’s a principle that sits at the very core of an Envue IT Manager – independence.

It’s what allows us to focus entirely on the needs of your business, and it means our incentive lies firmly in getting the best out of your IT.

In part by getting the most out of those who provide and support it, in part by shaping a strategic environment where you’re achieving the best possible value from your IT investment.

We manage your service providers. Your core IT support – whether it is outsourced or an in-house team that perhaps does not possess strategic or project capabilities. Your communications contractors. Your specialist systems suppliers.


But it’s not just about your everyday operational requirements. We work with you to define, agree then implement a strategy to ensure that IT isn’t simply a corporate overhead: a strategy that bridges the gap between IT and the core objectives of the business, that ensures IT is enabling growth.

And beyond the strategic, we manage and co-ordinate your IT projects across multiple vendors to ensure that their agendas don’t impact on yours.

It can be a part time or full time solution, an interim or supplementary option for larger companies, a longer-term strategic approach for businesses of scale. However it works best for you.


Our pledge is always the same, however: no affiliation to individual service or product providers, no commercial loyalties in the procurement process. Our only reference point is best value for you, in everything we do.

Ultimately, you have the assurance and confidence that your IT is being managed with your business needs as the sole driver.

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